Top 29 Retail stores with the Best Employee Discount

When you are applying for a job at any retail store, usually you look for the benefits you get on top of your earning per hour. These can be what health insurance coverage you will be getting? Or investment benefits and 401-k plans. But be make sure to have a look at how much Employee discount you get.

People usually wait for the sale season to shop for clothes, or buy a new gadget, or at least buy something new that they always find expensive. Check the following companies, and the discounts they give their employees all year long.

*On a side note, they are not written in order of high to low discounts.

1. Gap Inc.: As an employee at Gap Inc. you will get 50% of all stores at Gap, Banna Republic, Old Navy, and Athleta. That’s is like having a sale all year long. And they have a variety of clothes and shoes that you don’t need to look somewhere else to fill your wardrobe.

2. Men’s Wearhouse: They offer 55% for employees on all items. I guess this is enough reason to let you get a job there.

3. Whole foods market: I think this one of the best discounts a person can have. Employees can get 20% off the store purchases. But because food is a daily consumption those discounts add very quickly. Before you know it, employees can save hundreds of dollars.

4. Urban Outfitters: Employees have a 25% discount all year long. But on employee appreciation days they get over 44% including their family members.

5. Nordstrom: They have many benefits and perks for employees working there. Employees and their dependents get 20 % off all store items. And those managers and others that receive special recognition can get up to 33% off.

6. Macy’s: The Employee Discount is 20% off but what is better is they get that discount on top of existing sales and coupons. You can find here more benefits of working at Macy’s.

7. BestBuy: We discussed in a previous post the features and benefits of working at BestBuy. Employees can get items for 5% + the cost of the item. For example, if a headphone costs $100, an employee can buy it for $105 regardless of how much it’s being sold at BestBuy. So that’s is sometimes more than a 50% discount. But you have to be working there for at least a month.

8. Zappos: Employees can receive up to 40% off everything sold on on top of the competitive prices items are already sold their and free next day delivery.

9. Barnes and Nobles: Employees receive 30% off Books, toys, and games. In addition they 50 % of their cafes shop which includes Starbucks products.

10. The container store: They get discounts of 40% for their regular products and get half the price on their popular Elfa products.

11. Apple store: I feel getting any discount on apple products is a perk itself. The day you start working at an Apple store, you get 25% of an apple computer and after a while, you will get 500$ off on your second computer.

12. Petsmart: Like most of us, we like to pamper our best friend. Employees get 15% on pet products.

13. Ulta beauty: Employees who love to take care of their beauty, this is the place to work in. They can get a 50% discount on salon services and up to 25% on retail products. So on weekends, you will be always shining.

14. Discount Tire: Who doesn’t like to get discount when changing tires and free labor charges. Employees get 30% off the price of each tire and get changed on the spot free.

15. Ann Taylor: Employees get a whopping 50% discount off the sales price tag.

16. Bed Bath & Beyond: Love to keep your house look up to date, employees at Bed Bath & beyond get 20% of the retail price.

17. Cabela’s: The longer you work at Cabela’s the higher you get discounts, buy all employees start with discounts. It can get up to 45% on Cabelas product and 15% off on other selling items.

18. The Container Store: It’s a store that has a range of products in organizing your home. Employees get 40% discount of the retail priced items and also 50% off Elfa products.

19. CVS: As you, all know CVS sells products on beauty, health and some home products. If you are working there, you get 20% off certainly merchandise and 30% on CVS products.

20. Dick’s Sports Goods: It’s one of the most important brands in the states on sporting goods. It’s enough to get you working there. In addition, Employees get a 25% discount on certain products.

21. Footlocker: Employees are eligible to 30 % discount to all items whether on regular-priced, on sale, or on clearance from all footlocker stores.

22. H&M: On certain days, employees get 30% off everything. But throughout the year, can benefit on 20 % off regular merchandise and 10 % appliances and furniture.

23. Jo-Ann Fabrics: Employees and their families get 20% off retail price sold.

24. Kohls: On top of the 15% employee discount, employees can use coupons that can get an extra deduction from the sales price.

25. J.Crew: At J.Crew, there are several different discounts, employees are eligible to benefit from. They get 30% off fast-moving items and 60% on slow-moving sales items on a weekly basis. If you are planning to dress to work from J.crew, then you receive 50% off those clothes.

26. Victoria’s Secrets: In the first 2 months of working at Victoria’s secrets, employees get a 20% discount and after that, they get 30 % off retail price.

27. Kmart: Employees working at K-mart get 25% off ready-made food, 20% on apparel items, and 10% off on all other merchandise.

28. Target: Employees get on 10% off on store and online items, even if the items are on sale or clearance. Check an earlier post on Guide To Target Workday, Pay And Benefits Logins For Employees

29. Walmart: We wrote in another post on some of the benefits of working at Walmart. Employees get 10 % on most items and fresh products but there are some exceptions. But as Walmart is a big retail store that sells much different merchandise, I think that’s a hefty discount.

Final Thoughts

If you are working at any of these retail stores make sure you benefit from the employee discount. But if you are looking for a job, make sure you do thorough research on the benefits and discounts, you get before you apply to any job. It’s not always about how much you get paid. Sometimes the benefits from working at a place, such as a great working atmosphere, or high discounts are far more intriguing

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