Top 10 Free Email Marketing Services for Starters in 2020

Email is the lord of marketing. You cannot deny the significance of email marketing for your online business. In 2020, it is still the same. Email marketing is highly effective if you use the best email marketing service platform for your business. You can send offers, greetings and other business promotions through this.

Why is Email Marketing the best?

No other channel drives traffic and conversion like email marketing (Read more on benefits of email marketing here). Email campaigns convey a higher ROI than each other marketing does. So when you can set up your emails appropriately, it will be worth it for you.

Yet, to have an effective email marketing campaign, you have to find the best email marketing service to deal with your subscribers and campaigns.

Most email marketing platforms will have comparative features and plans. That is the reason for finding the best email marketing programming for your business or site can be a tough choice.

All through my profession, I have dealt with different emails with more than 100,000 subscribers. I comprehend the stuff to run effective email marketing efforts, and I know which programming will take care of business.

Free marketing services companies

If you are a beginner, this guide will assist you in finding the best email marketing service provider for your online business. Moreover, they are all free for starters with few email lists. However, you need to purchase a paid plan if you want upgraded features.


SendinBlue is an email marketing platform that assists clients with sending an aggregate of more than 30 million email templates and instant emails each day.

SendinBlue Features

On email, SendinBlue has a tool format that permits you to gather new leads, which you would then be able to section into explicit records and go into the email dashboard.

Do not know how to commence your email marketing campaign? SendinBlue has work processes that give you access to various automated and customized tools and facilities to your particular objectives.

When you need to run a more nuanced email marketing campaign, you can generally make a competition without any preparation to meet your particular business needs.

SendinBlue Price

Sendinblue Pricing plan

SendinBlue has five primary plans, one of which is free, three of which are paid somewhere in the range of $25 and $66 every month, and one that is customized plan and you need to get a quote from them. The plans fluctuate in cost depending on the number of emails sent every day/month.

Visit the website to know more about it. Interested to sign in


HubSpot’s free email marketing programming is anything but difficult to utilize, and has an amazingly high conversion rate, in addition to all the fancy miscellaneous items you would hope to see inside an ESP.

HubSpot Features

While making an email, you can pick from one of many simplified email formats, or you can create a custom layout customized to your image. When you have your format, adding content is easy.

You can customize and see your emails for various subscribers and their device, behaviour, nation, and list — or utilize an easy personalization label to guarantee that each email incorporates content that is clear to every receiver.

At the point when it comes time to send an email, using these features will guarantee subscribers get your emails at a perfect time. Also, you can run A/B tests to contrast various forms of an email and comprehend which one resounds the most with your audience. You would not need to stress over deliverability — HubSpot keeps up a 99% deliverability rate over the system for all marketing email sends.

Outside of email marketing, HubSpot offers a wide scope of reports on your emails, letting you judge what is matching with your audience so you can enhance your campaign as you need.

Finally, HubSpot makes it simple to scale your email marketing campaign, which will help you rapidly transform leads into faithful clients.

HubSpot Price

Hubspot’s Email Marketing Software is free. Nonetheless, when you need improved capacities, it might be worth paying for one of the popular Marketing Hub plans.

Visit the website to know more about it.


Throughout the years, MailChimp has included presentation pages and different advertisements devices to their abilities. Nevertheless, their email marketing administration remains their distinguishing strength.

MailChimp Features

MailChimp has a large number of clients in more than 175 nations, and they utilize the information they gather off those clients to furnish you with significant knowledge to improve your email procedure. The apparatus is adaptable enough for an organization, yet easy enough for somebody simply beginning with their startup’s email marketing campaign.

The best part is that MailChimp has more than 300 integrations that assist you with tweaking the apparatus to your business. By utilizing these mixes to customize your marketing additionally, you will benefit from your email marketing.

MailChimp Price

Sendinblue Pricing plan

MailChimp has four paid plans around $299 every month. Besides, there is a free plan, but it has some restrictions. If you have a budget, you should go for it.

Visit the website to know more about it.


Drip is a generally new method. CRM offers email marketing for online business organizations. So in case you are selling physical or technological items online, Drip will be a top decision for you to consider.

Drip Features

With Drip, you can follow important trade measurements identified with client motives and buying behaviour. You will have the option to make a segment for new site guests from bringing customers back. Drip also lets you target clients who deserted their cart.

Drip incorporates WordPress, WooCommerce, Facebook Ads, and a lot more devices that you are utilizing to sell online.

I like Drip because the CRM causes you to arrive at clients through different touchpoints web-based, including email. Drip has income attribution features, giving you a more clear perspective on which campaigns are making you cash.

Drip Price

Evaluating depends on the number of clients in your record. All plans accompany similar highlights and advantages. The plan starts with

2,500 subscribers — $49 every month

5,000 subscribers — $122 every month

10,000 subscribers — $184 every month, etc.

Visit the website to know more about it.


Beginning with Moosend, the free email marketing service platform can give you essentially everything you may require.

Moosend Features

Through Moosend, you can deal with your email campaigns, know what’s going on with everything with regards to email formats that are responsive and improved and… You know what? Simply register and see with your own eyes.

Moosend has a free email marketing plan to use forever. Obviously, development is what you are focusing on. In case you’re alright with up to 1,000 subscribers, we are alright with you sending the same number of emails as you need to each contact consistently until the cows come home, truly.

Moosend Pricing

Moosend Pricing Plan

The number of subscribers (1000) the free plan permits you to have is awesome for beginners. The number of emails that can be sent every day and additionally month to month is superb. You can change to a paid plan when you develop your online business.  

Visit the website to know more about it.


The Gist is a set-up of devices that organizations use to market, sell and speak with their clients. Today, more than 20,000 organizations are utilizing Gist to communicate with their leads and clients to grow their business.

Gist Features

It is quite complete concerning the dashboard. It is ideal in any event, to generate leads and to communicate with your guests and prospects through the platform. Besides, the group behind the service is extraordinary, and the help is additionally astonishing. When there is an issue, they attempt to help you out.

The degree of its mix with WooCommerce is a drawback. You cannot send appropriate emails because so far, it cannot create an abandoned cart interface.

It is very unnatural, and it is excessively simple to incidentally change or erase information when you click on an inappropriate symbol.

Gist Pricing

GIst Pricing Plan

Free Plan is up to 200 subscribers. Then you need to purchase a paid plan to use their service. Visit their website to know more about it.

Visit the website to know more about it.


As the name suggests, MailerLite is an essential email-marketing platform. If you are a beginner, then this is a best choice for you. 

Mailerlite Features

Rather than including heaps of additional features and usefulness, MailerLite adheres to the basics. The platform, despite everything, offers apparatuses for templates, greeting pages, pop-ups, and resources.

MailerLite has a simplified proofreader, which makes it simple for anybody to structure a top-notch massage. Group your subscribers, and enhance your campaigns with highlights like A/B testing.

Mailerlite Pricing

I would suggest MailerLite for those of you who need easy email programming at a moderate rate. Here is a glance at the value focuses for MailerLite:

Up to 1,000 subscribers — Free for 12000 emails / month

Up to 1,000 subscribers — $10 every month unlimited emails / month

1,001 – 2,500 subscribers — $15 every month

2,501 – 5,000 subscribers — $30 every month etc.

Visit the website to know more about it.


SendPulse gives marketing mechanization answers for various channels of correspondence with possibilities and clients — email, SMS, web message pop-ups, Facebook chatbots. The primary advantage is that clients can join every one of these channels together to fortify their techniques very easily.

SendPulse Features

  • Trigger competition;
  • Excellent email templates.
  • Good Membership plans.  
  • A/B testing facilities.
  • Awesome dashboard.

Advertisers can set email sending as indicated by different occasions — membership, subscription, abandoned cart, buy, or some other custom occasion. With an automated process, entrepreneurs can follow the way of every subscriber.

Sendpulse Pricing

SendPulse offers a free plan that permits advertisers to evaluate the highlights given. If you have up to 500 subscribers, you can send up to 15,000 emails in a month. To get to upgraded features, advertisers can move up to a paid plan beginning at $8 every month. 

For organizations with more than 5,000,000 subscribers, there is a VIP plan accessible. This plan accompanies custom valuing, so organizations need to contact SendPulse agents to get an estimating quote.

Visit the website to know more about it.


If you are a beginner, then MoonMail is the best choice for you. It gives you stunning features and conversion rate. 

Moonmail Features

With MoonMail, you can without much of a stretch make and structure effective email advertising efforts.

MoonMail gives an agreeable and clean approach to investigate your prosperity and execution through clear measurements, reports, and insights.

MoonMail permits you-

  • Customize and adjust your message utilizing the Template Library.
  • Create your specially crafted, simple to-utilize intuitive format.
  • Add pictures, internet-based life symbols, and logos with only a single tick
  • Monitor and track your campaign and break down the accomplishment in MoonMail’s Dashboard.
  • Compare information from your past campaigns
  • Choose a multilingual dashboard, empowering you to comprehend your outcomes better.

With MoonMail, you can target the client dependent on their qualities and characteristics. Make different records for focused emails and store a boundless number of subscribers. MoonMail accompanies the board of email withdraws, skips and objections.

Moonmail Pricing

The free plan for beginners includes 300 emails for every month and one campaign. You can purchase their paid plan to use their upgrade features.

Visit the website to know more about it.


Many organizations use Mailjet for email marketing. Mailjet is not as famous as other administrations on our list. Be that as it may, Mailjet is one of the best email marketing services. It is the main email-marketing platform that I have seen that offers good effort, making it a top choice for marketing groups.

Mailjet Features

Making emails with Mailjet is simple. The platform has a natural simplified developer that takes into consideration complete customization. You will get stunning tools for customizing content for your subscribers. You can send dynamic substance and view propelled measurements and reports for the entirety of your email.

Mailjet Pricing

The estimating plans for Mailjet are unique also. As opposed to your rate being set on subscribers, it depends on what number of emails you send every month. Even though your supporter tally will clearly be legitimately attached to this number.

Mailjet has a free plan that permits you to send 6,000 emails every month. Even though they allow you to send only 200 emails for every day, which is not enough to run an effective campaign. This free plan is, even more, an endless preliminary so you can try out the platform.

30,000 emails for every month — $9.65

60,000 emails for every month — $18.95 etc.

Visit the website to know more about it.


For bloggers who just started, will have few email list, so I prefer to choose a free one. You spend your money on other things that can help grow your email list (You can read more on how to grow you email list here). Also do not stress yourself to choose between those email marketing services as for starters we don’t need most of the options they provide. They will all do the basic options of automations conversions editors and stats.

I hope this article has helped you to choose the best email marketing services for you. If you have any suggestion, kindly comment down below.

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