Best internet speed test app for Android and iPhone Device in 2019 [Working]

Whenever you purchase an internet connection in the ISP, you ought to find the guaranteed download/upload speeds. The single means to look at this would be to put in and then work with a speed test program on your telephone number.

Even though you’re able to test connection speed throughout the internet browser program, you have to utilize dedicated speed testing programs since they are user-friendly. Here is the Most Effective internet speed test program for Android and IOS devices:

Ookla Speedtest

Ookla Speedtest

The speed test program from Ookla displays three options on its own principal interface i.e. test speed, view test success, and switch preferences.

To start with this specific application, tap the very first alternative. Whenever you achieve this, the program will choose a host nearest to your own location. Afterward, it is going to move and get a little chunk of data to directly gauge that the connection download and upload speed.

To observe that the preceding test effects, browse into this end portion of this Ookla program. The outcomes section displays the connection typeand time in which you conducted through the test, download/upload speed and time.

The program comprises an choice to clean the stored information.

The Ookla program will not allow end users to talk about test results on face book, googleplus, and different sites. Thus, you should need to manually have a screen shot and talk about it with friends and family to make sure they are conscious of one’s internet connection speed.

The preferences panel of this Ookla app displays the interior and outside ip (provided by the ISP). If you are displeased with the outcome, then you are able to switch to a other host by altering the host settings.

To get info on the business which has developed and published the application form, tap the around option.



OpenSignal is still another popular program for testing internet speed onto a cell device. OS may be a brand new program, but as a result of its vibrant features and algorithm that is accurate, Open Signal has changed into a wonderful alternate to Ookla.

The OS program gets users informed of the most effective 100 cell systems and wi fi hotspots inside their region. It sports a signal compass usefulness which counts toward a cell tower near an individual. If you put your cellular apparatus while in the direction signaled by Open Signal, then you will see a marked improvement in upload and download speed.

The absolutely free OpenSignal program displays of use numbers of this system connection. Additionally, it gives an choice to jointly use the stats along with different users.

OpenSignal allows end users to compare their own internet speed along with additional user’s connection speed.

Speed Spot

Speed Spot

SS can be an internet speed testing program with minimal quantity of options. It’s a wonderful UI.

The application keeps a set of previous speed test effects. Thus, you may compare with your overall and sooner speed.

Wairuna enables users establish the number of data that the program should download/upload if it’s testing your connection speed. It ships with three dimensional color topics. The program contains ads.


Speed test, ISC, SS, and also OpenSignal are convenient programs to assess if the internet connection speed is upto this mark or maybe not. They have been free and thoroughly authentic. I have tested the software before mentioning them in this report.

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