5 Best messaging apps for Android

Android includes thirdparty messaging programs aid that signifies that you aren’t stuck with the default messaging app. An array of applications are located around the Google Play Store. All these text-messaging programs arrive with various tastes; you are able to alter fonts, colours, icons and customize those programs to produce your texting experience much better.

Below are our best choices for your best messaging programs for Android Which You Can download from 2019:


Messages program comes preinstalled on mobiles with stock Android. It’s a dark manner, a internet messaging client, also auto reply suggestions. Google’s stock messaging program for Android moved through lots of changes in the last several decades. The business strove to launch messaging experience together with Allo Messenger, but the job had been set to rest.

Google can be awaiting attract Google Assistant for its own Messages program, also allow it to be like Allo program.

Textra SMS

Textra can be actually a easy and minimal messaging program that insures every fantastic facet of a texting program. Together with Textra, you also are able to customize the appearance of the program by changing Font, Emoji fashions, Program Colours Shade, along with Bubble colors. You could even customize the appearance of the program by altering the Bubble mode, Text ribbon, and also Text size. The program also allows you to pick the motif color of this program also screen color for greater viewing. You might even customize notifications from the Customize Notifications option.

Textra enables users put their own custom made touch together side the skill to postpone message, Quick Write, Internet Previews and far more.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Personal Messenger is a favorite program among people who are worried with privacy. The program is made with a focus on security and privacy of all their users.

It is also possible to test connected apparatus and unlink themtweak Chat preferences and get a grip on Media auto-download preferences.

Down load Signal Private Messenger out of Google Play, start the program and place it as the default messaging messaging program, complete the installation and you are all set. Navigation messenger program can be additionally on Linux, Windows, Mac-OS and app store.

Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS program lets users text out of any other device. Seamless syncing enables you synchronize all of your texting between apparatus, however it also takes a Pulse accounts.

Aside from multiple apparatus encourage, Pulse program also supplies private conversations and enables you program messages. You may even copy messages, plain old messages bulk, decide on a pass code for private discussions, and configure autoreplies.

You May Download Pulse SMS to get Android out of Google Play Store along with other programs out of their Site.

Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS supplies a related experience including other messaging programs. It’s possible to schedule an email, copy option for messages and enables you to insert signatures and a whole lot more. Chomp SMS Guru removes adverts out of the program and will be offering absolutely free infinite topics.

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